Why Girls Should Wrestle

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     .....to establish Pennsylvania and the surrounding states (DE,NY, NJ, MD, OH, and VA) as the world wide ‘center of excellence’ for women’s wrestling.     
1.) establish a ‘talent identification’ process, and implement a long term athlete development program;         
2.) develop the USA Wrestling club system for girls and women in the WWP operating area; be a model for and assist other regions of the country do accomplish their goals for their regions.        
3.) establish a women’s coaching education program that enhances the USA Wrestling certification system;         
4.) establish a technical development program based a common syllabus that is coordinated with the USA Wrestling national women’s coaching staff;         
​5.) establish age-appropriate annual and multiple-year training plans to guide the athletes development as they progress;
6.) be a model for and assist other regions of the country do accomplish their goals for their regions.    
​Rationale: Women’s wrestling is now well established as an Olympic sport, and continues to grow at all levels. New collegiate programs are added each year, providing opportunities for young women to continue their education through wrestling. As an Olympic sport, it is important in each country’s total medal count. (The goal of each governing body, in each country, is to win medals in their sport). Pennsylvania is the strongest wrestling state in the nation. It has a well-established tradition, coaching pool, competitive system, and developmental infrastructure - including knowledgeable administrators and media - already in place. When we consider the size of Pennsylvania, both geographically and in terms of population, we see that we are similar to many countries around the world that produce a disproportionate number of international medal winners. With a deliberate, focused effort, Pennsylvania should be among the best in the world. When we include the surrounding states, our region (PA, OH, NJ, NY, MD, and VA) is clearly in position to rise to the top - with enough planning and effort. Now is the time to make this effort, as women’s wrestling is well established, but still young enough to provide an open door. As members of the wrestling family in the WWP target area, we should strive to be the leaders in women's wrestling in the US and around the world. Our pride in our coaches, athletes, parents should move us to act.             
In addition, the inclusion of over 50% of the population in our sport will provide growth in participation, opportunity, and recognition, as well as enhance the financial impact of wrestling . There are also numerous benefits regarding the implementation of Title IX.              
​ Finally, the most important reason is that girls and women want to wrestle. If we believe that wrestling has enhanced the lives of our fathers and sons, how could we not provide the same experience for our daughters?

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